Oh, no! I just Tweeted Rachel Maddow! (Just when I was trying to blend.)

Drat.  I was so busy focusing on my cause that I made what may turn out to be a very foolish move.  I just Tweeted Rachel Maddow’s PERSONAL Twitter handle.  (We go way back-ish.)

Now, in order to maintain my blending strategy, I’ll need to take drastic action and Tweet Tim Tebow as an offset to my blatantly homophilic PR gaffe with Rach (as I call her).

The problem is that I actually have nothing to say to Mr. Tebow except, “S’up dude.  I hear you pray a lot.”   If it weren’t for the fact that he looks so sexy in his uniform, I wouldn’t even know he played basketball.

Hey, if I pretend to be Jesus (#ThisIsChrist), do you think he’d actually reTweet me?

I’d PREFER to be more direct in connecting with TT (as I call him), but given his recent refusal to participate in the “It Gets Better Campaign” to help address the issues of gay bullying and gay teen suicide, I’m not sure he’ll be overly keen to lend me a hand with my plot to destroy traditional marriage.

But maybe this is just negative self-talk.   I made my husband, Rick, believe I’ve had new these Prada shoes for years; how hard can it be to make Tim Tebow believe I’m Jesus and do whatever I say?

Hey, does anyone have TT’s cell number handy?  Maybe I’ll just text him a quick note to say “Howdy.  Thou Must Doest My Bidding.”

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One thought on “Oh, no! I just Tweeted Rachel Maddow! (Just when I was trying to blend.)

  1. Marianna Bucina Roca says:

    “Oh these old Pradas . . .” I do that all the time :)

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